Public service contracts – Supply of Greek translation services for the Parliament







Judge Rapporteur

Advocate General


Action for annulment

Verloss International SA, Attimedia SAVEuropean Parliament

General Court

3rd Ch.

E. Bieliunas


Public services contracts


 Public service contracts – Supply of Greek translation services for the Parliament – Rejection of a tenderer`s bid – Obligation to state reasons – Non-contractual liability

Significant points

  1. The decision of the European Parliament of 18 October 2011 implied the rejection of Verloss International and Attimedia tender for the main contract and the fact that it had been decided to award the contract to another tenderer for the provision of Greek translation services. The Parliament has a broad discretion with regard to the factors to be taken into account for the purpose of deciding to award a contract following an invitation tender.
  2. The Parliament did not provide Verloss International SA and Attimedia SA with either the name of the successful tender or any information about the characteristics and relative advantages of the successful tender, even though it was required to do so under the Financial Regulation (Article 100(2)) and the Implementing Rules.
  3. Even if the Parliament did not give adequate statement of reasons for the contested decision, that does not mean that the award of the contract to the successful tenderer constitutes wrongful conduct or that there is a causal link between that fact and the loss alleged by Verloss International SA and Attimedia SA.